Timmy Richardson aka TOT Birthday Bash 2014

This year I have decided to have a birthday party for myself. I went to the Warehouse a few weeks ago, in Newark, New Jersey and fell in love with the space right away. Lil Ray and Naeem Johnson were at the controls and working that beautiful sound system. Thus, I am having my party there December 20, 2014. Joining me in the DJ booth with be none other than New Jersey’s own veteran DJ Kim Lightfoot. Kim and I first spun together 25 years at a party called Abusua in a space called Columns. We met that night. We would cross paths many times in the next 25 years but most recently we turned out Tony Touch’s Funkbox Party along with Kalim Shabazz. This Sunday party was packed as it was also Voodoo Ray’s birthday party.

So I look forward to celebrating and sharing the decks again with Kim. The Warehouse is located at 571 Broad Street in Newark, New Jersey, just down the road from where the legendary Club Zanzibar was located. The event page is located here. Thanks go out to Charles McDougald and Adam Rios for making this happen.



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Timmy Richardson on Soundcloud

Timmy Richardson on Mixcloud

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