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I (The Soulafied One) went public as a DJ in 1990 after years of buying Hip Hop, R&B, Alternative Music, Rock & House records as a teenager.  It was the early years of my life that played a major role in what I play today.  I grew up on soul music, urban disco and spent countless hours listening to  45’s, Lp’s, Radio and 8 tracks.

It wasn’t that long before I landed my very 1st gig after going public as a DJ.   I started out playing different genres but over time House Music completely took over.  I have played numerous clubs, internet mix shows, FM radio shows, parties &  raves (played deep house) throughout the 90’s.   I also hosted a Gospel Music/ Gospel House Music show on 90.7 FM, Messiah College in Central Pa. during the mid 90’s.

I took a break from playing publicly in 2004 to pursue other goals.  In 2009 I returned to my love of music and have since created Soulafied Housepitality.   My goal now is to turn that into a record label for upcoming artists and producers to be heard, stay tuned.

You can find me here on every Monday 8pm to 10pm EST and also every SUNDAY 7pm to 9pm EST on ;

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  • Posted February 28, 2015 9:13 PM 0Likes
    Аlex Ch

    These two mixes are somehing wonderful, OMG such a long time i did not listen something like this, maybe 9 years…

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