Maestro is a music documentary by Josell Ramos in 2003. It is about how the club scene in NYC came to be and grow to become worldwide. There are interviews with David Mancuso, Francois K, Louie Vega, Nicky Siano, Antonio Ocasio, Frankie Knuckles, Francis Grasso, Tony Humphries, Robert Clivilles, Derrick May, Danny Krivit, David DePino, Joey Llanos, and many more. It also features rare Paradise Garage footage. Be sure to pick up the DVD as it contains some fantastic extras, as well as a better quality picture.

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  • Posted March 24, 2012 11:54 PM 0Likes

    Was there when the movement started… Even small Zanzibar was in the mix.. Served my country in DC and overseas… Have not been to a party like that(The Garage) in 20 plus years…
    But you know what?? Larry and Tee Scott are turning in their graves because we let them call our music(Tri-State area) “HOUSE MUSIC”!!!!

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