House Of Numbers

Have you ever asked yourself how has Magic Johnson survived as long as he has (almost 21 years) with HIV without dying? Surely many of us know at least one person who died of AIDS, years if not months after contracting HIV. Is it that Magic has all the money in the world and gets the best medicine and defies the odds? House Of Numbers asks the question what is HIV? What is AIDS? Are they really related? What’s the irony behind the places where the highest instances of AIDS exist? Take 90 minutes and watch this and you may get the answers to those questions.The DVD has some really nice extras that are even more eye-opening. Feel free to leave comments below.


  • Posted March 29, 2012 9:47 PM 0Likes
    Marly Mar

    Thank you for spreading awareness and posting this DJ TImmy…every effort to give others their dose of the red pill counts!

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