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Music has always been on the forefront of Estefano-the-Recordman’s (eTRm) life. Growing up in the Bronx, New York during the turbulent 70’s, soul, Latin, gospel and jazz were common grooves listened to by his mother and his eldest brother who introduced him to funk, disco and 70s soul. At a young age music provided a universal connection to people and culture which eTRm actively explored when sent to the corner store to buy the latest 45s for his mother. Later in life music provided spiritual pleasure and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

eTRm bought his first record at the tender age of 9, Hot Pants by James Brown launching a life of collecting spanning nearly 40 years. Since purchasing Hot Pants eTRm amassed a personal collection of over 30,000 albums, 12,000 12-inch singles and over 5000 7-inch vinyl recordings of every genre imaginable—from movie soundtracks, folk music, historical recordings, jazz to opera, gospel, rock, funk, disco, house, soul, r&b, hip hop, reggae, spoken word, blaxploitation, original Broadway productions and so much more.

eTRm’s collection and broad knowledge of music gave birth to “The Recordman” persona in the 80s when deejay and producers constantly asked for records. He had already amassed an impressive collection by this time and decided to sell excess records at home; leading to listening sessions with deejays and producers who today are among the best in the world. Back then, eTRm was the man with all the records and if he didn’t have it he would find it regardless of the request—this remains to be true today.

In the 90s, eTRm opened B-Side Music in Brooklyn, New York and it became the deejay/producer premier record collector shop with an international clientele.  During that period producers including Eric B, Mr. Cee, Biz Markie, Sting International, Bobby Konders, Pete Rock, Chubb Rock and Freedom Williams were regular customers. Many Brooklyn-based rappers and producers made a home at B-Side to find rare grooves and beats for new tracks.

Since then private collectors, deejays and producers access eTRm’s knowledge and collection via private listening sessions and record shows. Plans are being made to re-open a new store in Harlem, New York in 2013. You can check out for all your vinyl needs.

You can also listen to eTRm spin his special brand of soul, funk, jazz, disco, rare grooves, reggae, gospel, hip hop, sound tracks, rock and so much more on his weekly radio show, the Music Sanctuary every Tuesday, 11p – 1a, EST on DHP Radio,

eTRm’s love and passion for music has recently translated to music production—B-Side Music Studio NYC–where he is shaping a unique take on global dance music. A new EP is expected for release in early 2013.

If you have a collection to sell eTRm can also be contacted at or call 347-410-0639. Connect with eTRM on Facebook and follow eTRM on Twitter @etrmRecordman. For booking and studio inquiries contact or call 347-482-1339.


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    Estefano The-Recordman

    The Music Sanctuary
    Play-List: 7/31/2012

    1. Music Is My Sanctuary Gary Bartz
    2. Up Jump The Devil John Davis
    3. Everyman Double Exposure
    4. Rock With You Michael Jackson
    5. Workin Day And Night Michael Jackson
    6. Woman’s Gotta Have It Bobby Womack
    7. The Ghetto (Live) Donny Hathaway
    8. Turn This Mother Out Idris Muhammad
    9. Right For The Darkness Curtis Mayfield
    10. Cold Sweat (Instrumental) James Brown
    11. Scorpio Dennis Coffey
    12. Soul Makossa Manu Dibango
    13. T Plays It Cool Marvin Gaye
    14. Picadillo Fania All-Stars’
    15. Give Me Love Cerrone
    16. Farout Crown Heights Affair
    17. Thousand Finger Man Candido
    18. Shante Mass Production
    19. Jungle Strut Ramsey Lewis
    20. Tune In Tomorrow Teena Marie

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    Estefano The-Recordman

    The Music Sanctuary
    Play-List: 7/24/2012

    1. Music Is My Sanctuary Gary Bartz
    2. The Player First Choice
    3. Hooked On Your Love the Aleems
    4. You Can’t Run From My Love Stephanie Mills
    5. Was That All It Was Jean Carn
    6. I Cant Danced Without You Theo Vanes
    7. Searching Change
    8. Keep On Trucking Eddie Kendricks
    9. Brother Green Roy Ayers
    10. Do It ‘Til Your Satisfied BT Express
    11. Strawberry Letter 23 the Brothers Johnson
    12. Place And Spaces the Black Byrds
    13. Nights Over Egypt the Jones Girls
    14. Southern Pearl Of Texas War
    15. Git It All Mandrill
    16. Give Me Your Love Curtis Mayfield
    17. Chains Bionic Boogie
    18. Make It Last Forever Inner Life
    19. Tune In Tomorrow Teena Marie

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    Estefano The-Recordman

    The Music Sanctuary
    Play-List: 7/17/2012

    1. Music Is My Sanctuary Gary Bartz
    2. Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me Patti Austin
    3. Let’s Make Love Tonight Lamour
    4. Come Back Lover Come Back The Fresh Band
    5. Can’t Play Around Lace
    6. Plain Love Jeffrey Osborne
    7. Choosing You Lenny Williams
    8. Relight My Fire Dan Hartman
    9. I Want it to Be Real John Rocca
    10. Dr. Beat Miami Sound Machine
    11. Dance to the Beat Starflight
    12. Try Jah Love Third World
    13. I Love You More Renee & Angela
    14. Don’t Stop Your Love Booker T
    15. Set Fire to Me Willie Colon
    16. Happy Feeling Delroy Wilson
    17. Weekend Phreeak
    18. Twilight Maze
    19. Tune In Tomorrow Teena Marie

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    Estefano The-Recordman

    The Music Sanctuary
    Play-List: 7/10/2012

    1. Music is My Sanctuary Gary Bartz
    2. NT Kool & the Gang
    3. C’mon Children Earth Wind & Fire
    4. Ronnie’s Groove Kool & the Gang
    5. Bad Tune Earth Wind & Fire
    6. Dujii Kool & the Gang
    7. Fan da Fire Earth Wind & Fire
    8. Who’s Gonna Take the Weight Kool & the Gang
    9. Moments of Truth Earth Wind & Fire
    10. Soul Vibration Kool & the Gang
    11. Everything is Everything Earth Wind & Fire
    12. North East South West Kool & the Gang
    13. I Can Feel it in My Bones Earth Wind & Fire
    14. Jungle Boogie Kool & the Gang
    15. Life is Fair but Not Cool Earth Wind & Fire
    16. Hollywood Swinging Kool & the Gang
    17. Power Earth Wind & Fire
    18. Funky Stuff Kool & the Gang
    19. Evil Earth Wind & Fire
    20. Open Sesame Kool & the Gang
    21. Getaway Earth Wind & Fire
    22. Summer Madness (Live) Kool & the Gang
    23. That’s the Way of the World Earth Wind & Fire
    24. Tune In Tomorrow Teena Marie

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    Very nice

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      Estefano The-Recordman

      thanks for tuning in Bob… always a pleasure when I can reach the ears of a long-time collector deejay such as yourself…


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    The Music Sanctuary
    Play-List: 7/3/2012

    1. Music Is My Sanctuary Gary Bartz
    2. Love Songs (Fantasy Label)
    3. Looking for Love Fat Larry’s Band
    4. For Your Love Idris Muhammad
    5. Here is My Love Sylvester
    6. Spread that Feeling Pleasure
    7. Happy Music Black Byrds
    8. Last Night in Rio Azymoth
    9. Jungle Strut Jean Ammonds
    10. Always There Side Effect
    11. Give it Up Sylvester
    12. Do It Fluid Black Byrds
    13. Space Base Slick
    14. I Got the Feeling Two Tons O Fun
    15. I Need You Sylvester
    16. I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
    17. Over and Over
    18. You Make Me Feel Mighty Real
    19. You Are My Friend
    20. Tune In Tomorrow Teena Marie

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