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May 5, 2017
December 2, 2016
October 16, 2016
October 10, 2016
October 9, 2016

The Unknown Superstar

Thomas Booker Braxton aka DJ Chicago Kid was originally called Disco K, in the early 80’s. He was born on the south side of Chicago and has been deejaying for 30 years this December 8, 2012! He left Chicago for the U.S. Navy in 1981 before Chicago House Music and many DJ’s there blew up in popularity. If he had stayed who knows. He had to do what he had to do at that time. His high school was Mendel Catholic College Prep School or the “house” high school as it was called after he left.

His mentors were from the south and west sides of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago Kid had a love for many music genres for many years from the age of 16. He won many small DJ contests in the Chicago area and Champaign-Urbana area of the state of Illinois.

His deejaying influences were the Hot Mix 5, the Latin Rascals, Edward Dillon, Frankie Warren Knuckles, TonyHumphries, Ron Hardy (RIP), John Robinson (RIP), DJ Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Herb Kent, DJ Chris, Red Alert, DJ Spen, and Leonard Remix Rroy.

DJ Chicago Kid’s musical taste is vast but his love is “real” house music and “real” hip hop. He likes commercial club music, funhop, R & B, Forward Soul, B-More, E-Hop, and Electro House. His mixes are so exciting that people have to listen to them all the way through to get the surprises he puts into them. He hates boring mixing. He’s about action. He loves music, producing and action and hype mixing! His style is being different with what he is doing.

This is what you will experience when you listen to DJ Chicago Kid’s house mixes. And to quote him,  “I Live In The Mix, Not On The Mix”. His show will air every Monday evening from 6pm-8pm EST. For booking consideration email DJ Chicago Kid for Hype Mix Productions at



  • Posted August 18, 2013 4:44 AM 0Likes
    Jimmy Clanfield

    Come back DJ Chicago Kid, we miss you :o)

  • Posted June 10, 2012 6:01 AM 0Likes

    It’s a pleasure doing it for you and everybody inside DHP! It’s comments like this that keeps TRUE DJs spinning the LOVE!!

    Thanks!! South side with Pride!! Love you guys!


  • Posted June 7, 2012 11:29 PM 0Likes
    Seymour Love

    My Brother!

    Its a pleasure listening to you do your thing. Appreciate you my dude!!!

  • Posted May 15, 2012 3:56 AM 0Likes
    Chicago Kid

    Thank you DHP for allowing me to show my “music” love on your website…I love good people who love good music and this is a great site with GREAT RESPECTED DJs!!

    Thanks again!!

    DJs forever!!

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